This is the HQ of my publicity service and samples of journalism and other writing.

I provide a varied service, from simple writing of bios and press releases to intensive ongoing promotional and marketing campaigns. I have the considerable experience of 20 years as a journalist, and about the same amount of time as an internationally touring musician, underwriting this business. As well, in 2010 I completed a degree of Honours in Media at SCU, Lismore.

Please peruse the writings published here in the Blog, which include freelance journalism jobs and general meanderings.


Working backwards, currently working as a freelance journalist in Sydney. Recent publications include The Saturday Paper and the Womens Weekly as well as the NoFibs website and Aidan Ricketts Activists Handbook. For two hectic months this year I was Press officer for Rohan Boehm, Independent Candidate for Barwon NSW in the state elections.

Last year was chockers with gigs and travel, going back further I did nine months as A&E editor of the Norther Rivers Echo in Lismore. Prior to that I was studying Honours in Media at Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW. More precisely, researching an exegesis on digital niche marketing for independent bands – to wit, mine, the Re-mains. Have had the dubious privilege of managing and fronting that band for fourteen years.

Meanwhile I was writing publicity profiles for various acts. Clients include, James Cruikshank (Cruel Sea), Leah Flanagan, Liz Stringer, Marshall and the Fro, Spikey and Friends, The Tendons, The Dennis Boys, Christian Pyle, Ghost Mountain, Kathryn Hartnett, The Sideshow Brides, Karen Hanna, and Dallas Frasca, Reuben Barkly (JamSpeak app), Glory B (Bryson Mulholland), Kathryn Jones and Hannah Gillespie. The years dating back to 2000, when the first Re-mains lineup crystallised in Nimbin, is a fog of endless gigging and travel across Australia and Canada.

Prior to that, worked out of the UK for several years as freelance writer for TNT and SX Travel magazines, also doing stints as Deputy Ed, SX, Travel Ed, Sports Ed, News Ed, staff writer etc.

Worked as Editor and Arts Editor for the Sydney Hub somewhere in the welter of those years. Before that, environmental activist with the North East Forest Alliance (NEFA) and Big Scrub Environment Centre.

Previously, student in Canberra and Wagga Wagga, musician of sorts in various bands around the country. Also, in various stints and incarnations, Youth Worker, landscaper, jackaroo, roustabout, prawn-trawler deckhand, hitch-hiker, poet etcetera.